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Associate Director for Basic Science

UVA Cancer Center John Lazo
Associate Director for Basic Science John Lazo

John S. Lazo, PhD 

Phone: 434.243.1936

Dr. Lazo’s primary research interests are in molecular pharmacology and drug discovery with a special interest in anticancer drugs and protein tyrosine phosphatases. He has had more than 25 years of experience using cultured human tumor cells to study cytotoxicity and mechanism of drug action. He has participated in multiple pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies with experimental anticancer agents.

Dr. Lazo has a documented track record developing, optimizing and deploying numerous high throughput and high content screens. He has co-authored 11 books, published more than 340 scientific articles and reviews, holds nine US issued patents, and has trained 13 PhD students and 31 postdoctoral fellows. He founded three companies, one of which (ONTY) is currently listed on NASDAQ.

John S. Lazo, PhD is currently the Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Chemistry. Professor Lazo served as associate dean for basic research in the School of Medicine at UVA for three and half years. Prior to moving to UVA in 2011, he held the Allegheny Foundation Professorship at the University of Pittsburgh from 1987 until 2010 and was chairman of the Department of Pharmacology from 1987 to 2004. From 2004 until 2010 he was the founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute.