Cancer National Outreach Network

UVA Cancer Center is a member of the Cancer National Outreach Network, a collaborative program developed to disseminate outreach and education efforts to at-risk and underrepresented communities.

The program helps ensure that communities have culturally appropriate cancer prevention and treatment information. UVA Cancer Center has a community health educator (CHE) that serves as a liaison between UVA Cancer Center and the community.

Cancer National Outreach Network Activities

  • Assess the community’s health needs and resources.
  • Develop an education and outreach plan to address a local cancer health disparity.
  • Increase awareness and foster adoption of NCI research findings on cancer prevention, early detection and treatments adapted for local communities.
  • Disseminate culturally appropriate, evidence-based information and educational materials on cancer prevention, treatment and clinical trials.
  • Increase exposure of NCI information through use of digital technology
  • Partner with community, civic and faith-based organizations to extend the outreach and dissemination of cancer information.
  • Bring the community's voice to research.
  • Empower the community and influence behavior change.

Screen to Save

screen to save colorectal cancer outreach

UVA Cancer Center, through the National Outreach Network, is actively working on The Screen to Save Initiative. This initiative aims to increase life-saving colorectal cancer screening rates in our communities as recommended by the Blue Ribbon Panel for the Cancer Moonshot. 

UVA Cancer Center, in collaboration with the Virginia Cooperative Extension, has trained extension agents across the Commonwealth to provide tailored education and outreach through the Colorectal Cancer Free Zone worksite program that supports the Screen to Save Initiative.