Chair, Radiation Oncology 

UVA Cancer Center James Larner
James Larner, chair of radiation oncology

James M. Larner, MD

Phone: 434.924.5564

In addition to a leadership role as chair of Radiation Oncology, Larner serves the Cancer Center in a number of critical positions, including co-leader of the Genetics and Epigenetics Program, chair of the Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee, Chair of the School of Medicine Research Advisory Committee. He earned his medical degree at UVA in 1980 and has been here for the last 25 years.

Spending an estimated 60% of his time on research and 40 percent in the clinic, Larner is dedicated to both key areas of the Cancer Center. His research interests include DNA damage-sensing pathways, radiation injury, radiosensitizers (drugs that make tumor cells more responsive to radiation therapy), prostate cancer, gliomas (brain tumors) and lung cancer. Larner’s clinical interests include cancer of the brain, central nervous system, thorax and lungs.

When he is not in the lab or clinic, Larner plays racquet sports, restores houses and travels. He claims he spoils his son by allowing him to select where they travel each year. Some of Larner’s favorite destinations include Mauritius, Thailand, Andora, Uruguay and Japan.