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Skin Care & Dermatology

Your skin is one of the most durable and hard-working parts of your body. It protects your other organs from disease and injury and regenerates in a way few other parts of your body can.But as tough as it is, your skin requires a lot of care. UVA’s skin care & dermatology doctors are experts in treating skin diseases and providing preventive care that can help keep your skin healthy and strong.

    Our Dermatology Team

    Our providers believes in not just taking care of your condition, but in taking care of you. We aim to make your experience the best it can possibly be. View skin care transcript.

    Skin Care Expertise

    We have special expertise in:

    • Autoimmune blistering diseases
    • Connective tissue diseases, like lupus
    • Skin infections caused by bacteria, fungus and viruses
    • Common issues like aging, acne and skin damage
    • Providing gender-affirmative skin care for transgender individuals

    Skin Cancer Treatments

    We work with experts in the UVA Cancer Center to treat melanoma and all types of skin cancer.

    Surgery to Minimize Scars
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    We use Mohs micrographic surgery to treat many skin cancers allowing cancer removal and minimal skin damage.

    See the Advantages of Mohs
    Skin Cancer Screening 
    skin cancer screening

    Skin cancer screening is important for everyone, especially those who have a fair complexion, family history of skin cancer or spend time in the sun.

    Get Prevention Tips
    Advanced Care & Treatment
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    Our dedicated team has specialized expertise in medication-resistant conditions, severe tissue diseases and complex wound care.