Parathyroid Cancer Treatment

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Hearing the word “cancer” when you find out you have parathyroid cancer can be scary. And it’s hard dealing with symptoms like nausea, weakness, and confusion.

The good news: most people survive parathyroid cancer. UVA Cancer Center is Virginia’s first cancer center named a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute. That means you can trust our expertise and advanced treatment options.

Parathyroid Cancer Treatment at UVA Cancer Center

Parathyroid cancer changes your hormones, which causes you to have too much calcium in your body. Treatment helps lower the amount of calcium in your body so your symptoms get better.

We usually treat parathyroid cancer with surgery. We’ll take out the parathyroid gland(s) with cancer. If the cancer is on your thyroid gland, we might have to remove it, too.

If you still have cancer cells after surgery, we’ll use radiation therapy to get rid of them.

Sometimes, we use medicines to help your symptoms.