Reconstructive & Facial Plastic Surgery

The human face is highly visible and essential to our social interactions. Injury, disease and other issues to the head and neck cause both physical and emotional pain. At UVA, you’ll find yourself seeking care with patients from around the world. Our teams of ear, nose and throat specialists are known for their compassionate expertise in facial plastic surgery .   

Repair & Restoration With Facial Plastic Surgery

Our care goes beyond repair. When it comes to your sense of self, we aim for restoration back to normal.

People need reconstructive surgery of the face, head and neck after trauma, such as some types of skin cancer removal, car accidents and sports injury. Our surgeons also treat pre-existing conditions, like birth defects, cleft lips and palates. We address facial paralysis and nasal obstruction. Our facial plastic surgery expertise also applies to your cosmetic needs, from repairing scars to performing facelifts.

Plastic & Reconstructive Procedures

  • Cleft lip and palate surgery
  • Correction of microtia and other ear deformities
  • Cosmetic surgery (facelift and browlift, rhinoplasty, etc.)
More Than Skin Deep
Facial plastic surgery can repair scars

Having facial plastic surgery to improve how you look and feel does not make you vain or superficial. Even simple procedures can profoundly improve self-esteem and confidence.

And often, removing a scar attached to traumatic memories can help erase the baggage that came with it.

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Surgical Art & Science
Dr. Christophel explains plastic facial reconstruction surgery

Surgical procedures on the face require both scientific exactness and the ability to create visual alignment.

UVA ENT specialists have the precision, skill and experience to correct cleft deformities, realign broken bones and smooth wounds. We serve patients from throughout the region — as well as own friends and families.

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Fixing Nasal Passages
Nose pain: Get treated for your nasal obstruction

Having trouble breathing through your nose? You may have a deviated septum; many people do. But you may have weakness in your nose, closing it off. In that case, you'll want to see nasal specialists who can perform the types of skin grafts that can help you breathe again.

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