Focused Ultrasound for Fibroids

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Magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound is a non-invasive outpatient procedure that uses more than 200 high-intensity, focused ultrasound waves to heat and destroy the fibroid tissue.

The three-dimensional MRI images allow the interventional radiologist to focus and deliver the ultrasound energy to areas within the fibroids.

Focused Ultrasound Procedure

This is a non-invasive procedure, which means you wont require:

  • Incisions
  • Radiation
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization

The recovery time is one day.

This procedure is limited by the volume of fibroid tissue. If there are too many, or if the fibroids are too large, focused ultrasound isn't an option. The fibroid(s) must be able to be targeted without being too close to old scars, the nerves in the spine, the intestines or the pubic bone.

Fibroids may recur over time, so the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary. Research is still ongoing to determine a woman’s reproductive potential following treatment. Many insurance companies still consider this treatment investigational. We evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis.

Focused Ultrasound Helped Gloria's Fibroids

Learn about Gloria's focused ultrasound treatment at UVAView Transcript.