Mini Valve Replacement Surgery

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Minimal incision valve surgery, or mini valve surgery, can be an effective alternative to traditional replacement surgery for aortic, mitral or tricuspid heart valves. UVA is one of the few hospitals in the region performing these replacements and repairs.

Mini Valve Surgery for Valve Replacement or Repair

Similar to traditional valve surgery, your surgeon replaces a damaged heart valve with a new valve.

Using small incisions without necessarily breaking the breast bone, your surgeon can reach the heart. In other cases, the breastbone is only partially opened to minimize instability while healing.

Why Choose Mini Valve Surgery?

The advantages to mini valve surgery are:

  • Your chest isn't fully opened
  • Unlike catheter-based approaches, your surgeon can see your heart and has an excellent view of the valve
  • Recovery time is far shorter than other forms of heart surgery
  • Less likelihood of post-operative infection, blood transfusion and irregular heart rhythms

Are you a Candidate for Mini Valve Surgery?

Mini valve surgery isn't right for all patients. Although you don't need to be considered "high-risk" to qualify, only certain patients are suited for mini valve surgery. Your heart surgeon considers:

  • Your body type
  • Lung capacity
  • Overall heart function