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Heart Valve Disease Treatment

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If you have heart valve disease, the idea of major open-heart surgery can be overwhelming. At UVA, you have options. In addition to traditional procedures, we offer ways to help you avoid a major operation.

Why Choose UVA for Heart Valve Treatment

Age or health can make open-heart surgery too risky. We offer a range of options that don’t require opening up your chest. Instead, we use a catheter to reach your heart. Your doctor places a catheter into a blood vessel in your leg. Then, we feed a replacement valve or other device through that catheter and place it in your heart.

Our Advanced Cardiac Valve Center is one of few places in the U.S. that offers this range of less-invasive procedures for heart valve treatment. Our nationally-recognized surgeons treat cardiac valve disease of the:

  • Aortic valves
  • Mitral valves
  • Pulmonary valves

UVA performs more transcatheter aortic valve replacements than anywhere else in the region. We also have the largest-volume MitraClip® program in the United States. We’ve performed over 250 transcatheter valve procedures. This depth of experience means better outcomes for our patients.

Advanced Valve Options

Mini-Valve Surgery

For some patients, mini valve surgery can be an alternative to traditional heart surgery. Find out if mini valve surgery is right for you.

MitraClip® & TAVR

We are among the first in the country to offer the MitraClip® and TAVR procedures. These are two of the newest alternatives to traditional open-heart surgery.

Your Heart Valve Team

Our surgeons and staff work together to provide the best care for each patient, including new treatments for valve conditions through clinical research trials.

Interventional cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and imaging specialists each use their particular expertise to diagnose and treat patients with heart valve disease.