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When you're choosing where to get heart care, you want to find the best. You only have one heart. You don't want to trust it to just anyone.

At UVA Health, our cardiologists and vascular surgeons offer the kind of deep training and experience you can count on. Our teams deliver on the promise of advanced medicine. We make sure you get the thorough, expert attention you deserve.

In fact, U.S. News & World Report has ranked 4 of our heart treatment services as "high-performing," which means they're among the best in the U.S.: 

Working Together for Heart Care Expertise

Years ago, UVA Health's heart team saw the need for a combined approach to treating patients to make sure they get the best possible care. View heart care transcript.

Heart Care That's Close & Unique to You

Convenient Heart Clinic Locations

You don't just have to visit us at the hospital. Make an appointment at other locations throughout Central Virginia, including clinics in Zion Crossroads, Fishersville, Culpeper, and Ivy. Find a location near you.

High-Tech Heart Devices

Implantable heart devices help us diagnose, manage, and treat your heart rhythm disorders and other heart conditions. Most of these heart devices require surgery to implant them.

In-Depth Genetic Testing

Over 1 million Americans have some form of an inherited heart or vascular disease. Genetic testing or cardiovascular screening is the first step in identifying and addressing inherited heart conditions. 

Need a Second Opinion?

A second opinion about your heart diagnosis helps you make choices about your care. We can back up your doctor's diagnosis or answer questions about your care plan.

Getting a second opinion doesn't mean you have to change doctors or hospitals. All it means is you have another medical professional reviewing your tests, images, and situation. They may either confirm what you already know or offer a different diagnosis or treatment.

Second opinions help you sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Contact us about getting a second opinion on your care.

Get to Know Your Heart & Arteries

How well do you know your heart? Your heart and arteries work together on the important job of delivering oxygen around your body. Get to know them in this quick primer from UVA Health. View the heart and arteries transcript.

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