Mitral Stenosis

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Heart conditions like mitral stenosis can be frightening. What you thought was just fatigue and some chest pain suddenly seems much bigger. And truthfully, mitral stenosis is a serious condition. But seeking treatment early improves outcomes significantly.

Treating Mitral Stenosis at UVA Health

The treatment options will depend on how advanced the narrowing has become. In all cases, you will need surgery.

While heart surgery sounds like a big deal, many procedures are relatively minor and carry very little risk.

Balloon Valvuloplasty

For this procedure, a small balloon device is used to open up the mitral valve. This is a good option for cases that have been caught early. This procedure is minimally invasive. 

Mitral Valvulotomy

In a valvulotomy, a small incision is made to enlarge the mitral valve. This is another minimally invasive surgery that’s appropriate for less severe cases. 

Mitral Valve Replacement

In some cases, the mitral valve tissue needs a more substantial repair or replacement. Though this can be a serious procedure, UVA Health offers minimally invasive surgical options. A minimal incision valve surgery has a faster recovery time, and better outcomes. 

At UVA, we’ve been able to repair 90 to 95% of mitral valves. Repairing your existing heart tissue is better for recovery. Valve replacements are still available when repair isn’t appropriate.