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Infectious Disease

We diagnose and treat a wide variety of infections and diseases, including HIV/AIDS, meningitis, influenza, mycobacterial and Lyme disease. Our expertise in infectious disease prevention and treatment covers antibiotic resistance, bone and joint infections, diarrheal diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, tick-borne diseases, tropical medicine, fungal infections and more. 

At UVA, you'll get treatment backed up by the latest research. Currently, we are developing new or improved ways to address infections from amebiasis, anthrax, tularemia, C. difficile, pneumonia and other emerging infectious diseases.

We also offer immunizations and other medical services for foreign travelers.

Conditions We Treat
A C. diff infection causes severe diarrhea

When Antibiotics Don't Work

A C. diff infection causes severe diarrhea. When antibiotics don't work, the infection becomes life-threatening. Fecal transplant is an effective alternative.

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Treating HIV/AIDS
UVA Hospital Drive West Complex

HIV/AIDS is not the death sentence it once was. But you still need to get tested and treated. Visit the UVA Ryan White program.

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Global Health
Our reach goes far beyond Charlottesville.

The reach of our research goes beyond Charlottesville. We cover the globe, at the forefront of disease control and treatment.

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International Travel
When traveling internationally, be sure to get vaccinated.

Travel abroad can expose you to vaccine-preventable diseases, such as yellow fever or typhoid. Prevent disease at our Traveler's Clinic.

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