Mako® SmartRobotics™ Knee Replacements

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Knee pain can hinder your ability to stay active, healthy, and live a full life. Yet, you may still feel unsure about fixing the problem. If you cringe at the thought of surgery, rest assured. At UVA, we have robotic knee replacements that make recovery easier and faster than ever.

Robotic Knee Replacements at UVA

Partial and total knee replacements are some of the most successful operations done today. At UVA, we combine our surgical expertise with advanced robotic technology. This means we offer more durable knee replacement surgery. This technology reduces your pain and recovery time. You're up and moving again, forgetting that knee pain was ever an issue.

How the Technology Works

At UVA, we use Mako SmartRobotics for partial and total knee replacement. This high-tech tool allows our experts to:

  • Create a personalized surgical plan based on your specific anatomy
  • Take precise steps during the procedure to carefully get rid of diseased bone and place an implant
  • Protect your healthy tissue and bone
  • Use longer-lasting biologic fixation (securing the implant to the bone instead of using cement)

An Easier, Better Surgery

What does this mean for you? These tools and approach result in:

  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery time
  • Greater joint durability

You can have confidence in the quality and accuracy of your joint replacement. You’ll know your surgeon’s skill was enhanced by precise robotic tools. So you can focus on getting back to your active lifestyle.

Inside Mako SmartRobotics

This technology doesn’t replace your surgeon. It makes your surgeon’s performance more personalized, informed, and accurate. This happens before and during the procedure, with:

  • CT-based mapping software
  • A 3D virtual model of your joint
  • Guided cuts that preserve healthy tissue and bone

Your surgeons will let you know if you qualify for this robotic procedure.