Hip Replacement Surgery: Hip Pain Treatment That Works

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Facing hip replacement surgery can cause mixed emotions. You’re ready to walk, play, and dance again, without pain or pause.

But surgery carries risk. It takes time to recover. You want to make sure that whoever does your hip replacement does it right. At UVA, you'll find the kind of high-performing experts you can trust.

Hip Replacement Surgery at UVA

Coming to UVA Health for your hip replacement means getting care at a trusted institution. Here, you'll find experienced orthopedic surgeons who earned the highest possible rating for hip replacement surgery from U.S. News & World Report.

Need to see numbers? See how our services measure up.

Do You Need a Hip Replacement?

You have several options for hip pain relief that don't involve surgery. But when these don't solve your pain, you might need a new hip. Osteoarthritis happens when the normal wear and tear of life breaks down joint cartilage. This pain, stiffness, and swelling keeps getting worse. Some people end up unable to move, work, or sleep.

Other reasons for surgery may include:

  • A broken hip
  • Severe rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bone tumors
  • Loss of blood supply to the bones of the hip
  • A broken hip after a hip replacement
  • Deformity of the hip due to childhood problems

The Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

We replace your hip joint with an artificial ball-and-socket joint. Your surgeon makes an incision on the skin and moves the muscles aside to get to the hip joint. Your doctor then removes the damaged bone and cartilage of the hip joint and positions the new artificial joint. Depending on the type of prosthesis, your doctor may use bone cement to hold the artificial hip firmly to your bone. 

The Hip Replacement Timeline

How long does it take?

  • Usual length of stay: Same-day procedure to 3 days
  • You can do normal, light activities in: 6 weeks
  • Life of your new hip implant: Many last 20+ years