Knee Replacement

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When you knees don't work, nothing else feels or moves right. Knee replacement surgery might help. This procedure replaces a knee damaged by disease or injury.

We may need to replace your knee for a number of reasons. Most often we use this surgery to:

  • Ease knee pain due to arthritis 
  • Correct a deformity

When other methods don't work, surgery can offer a safe, effective route.

Knee Replacement at UVA

U.S. News & World Report has ranked UVA the No. 1 hospital in Virginia. We’ve also received the highest possible rating for knee replacement procedure.

We also have high-tech robotics that improve the quality and speed of the surgery. Learn more about the benefits of robotic knee replacements.

Do You Need a Knee Replacement?

Listen to a podcast: Learn about your knee treatment options.


Total Knee Replacement

Trey Cui, MD, discusses total knee replacements. View knee surgery transcript.


The Knee Replacement Procedure

First, your doctor removes damaged cartilage and bone. Your doctor will then place the artificial joint and cement it within the bone. A drain will allow extra fluid to flow out.

The procedure:

  • Takes about 2 hours
  • Means a hospital stay of 1-2 days 

Recovery may take several weeks to months depending on your overall health.

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