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Joint Replacement Surgery

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You've tried everything to find joint pain relief. Medicines, vitamins, special foods, and exercises - none of these have worked. And you have already been diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis.  If you can't manage your knee, shoulder, or hip pain on your own, joint replacement surgery could be the right option. 

    Joint Replacement Surgery at UVA

    At UVA, we have some of the top orthopedic surgeons in Virginia. You'll get care from experts with skills and experience not available everywhere.

    We've earned:

    • The gold seal of approval for outstanding care from the Joint Commission
    • The highest possible performance rating from U.S. News & World Report

    See for yourself our high rates of success.

    And find out why so many people trust UVA Health for their:

    Your Joint Replacement Experience 

    We do everything we can to make your journey a positive experience:

    • Same-day procedures
    • High-tech robotics
    • Complete support from preparation to recovery

    Faster, Safer Healing

    We use a special process, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), to help you recover from surgery faster and safer. This includes:

    • Step-by step education on what to expect
    • Lowering your physical stress before, during, and after surgery
    • A pain medication plan that lowers addiction risks
    • Post-surgery care that speeds your recovery

    We work with you to develop your personalized plan. This improves your surgery experience and gets you home as soon as possible.

    Joint replacement surgery class

    Go In-Depth: What to Expect from Joint Replacement Surgery

    Learn what you need to know about joint replacement surgery. Get your questions answered and your fears addressed. Join us for a free information session.

    Watch the joint replacement seminar video
    Why Joint Replacement?

    Joint pain can have many causes, including:

    At UVA, we try to find joint pain relief for you that doesn't involve surgery. But if other treatments don't work, joint replacement can help you:

    • Get back to a favorite sport
    • Walk and run again
    • Do work or house projects
    • Get enough sleep

    Is Joint Replacement Right for You?

    Not everyone with osteoarthritis or other pain gets surgery. You may not be ready for surgery if you have:

    • History of blood clots
    • Infections, like gum disease or urinary tract
    • Long-term illness
    • Obesity
    • Poorly controlled medical conditions like diabetes
    • Tobacco use

    These risks can be overcome. We'll explore ways to get you in shape for surgery, if possible. We also offer a range of joint replacement treatment options.

    How Much Does Joint Surgery Cost?

    Get a general idea of what you'll have to pay. Ask for a personalized estimate.