LGL Travel Assistance Program

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About the Travel Assistance Program

Because it is a rare disease, some people diagnosed with LGL may find that their local hematologist might not be familiar with LGL leukemia nor have experience treating it. Additionally, many people with LGL leukemia would just like to meet the physician that discovered it in order to have the best possible resource for learning about the disease and making informed treatment decisions.

With this in mind, a generous donation to the LGL leukemia program has enabled the establishment of the LGL Travel Fund Financial Assistance Program. This program is designed to offset costs related to the travel portion of coming to UVA to see Dr. Loughran in clinic (airfare, lodging, meals, local transportation). It does not cover any portion of the clinical costs associated with the visit.

  • Applicants are restricted to new patient visits only
  • Reimbursements will be made for the patient’s travel costs only
  • Family members or friends accompanying the patient will not be reimbursed for any costs
  • International flights are not eligible for reimbursement at this time
    • If you're using travel assistance to book flights to UVA, the application for assistance must be submitted no later than 25 days before the clinic appointment
    • Also, flights must be fully booked at least 21 days before the appointment date

For questions, please email LGLTravelFund@virginia.edu.

We are currently accepting applications for this assistance with the intention of reimbursing approximately 40 individuals over the next year. Priority will be given to individuals with clinical presentations of LGL that could best:

  • Help with diagnostic and therapeutic decisions for LGL Leukemia
  • Aide with current progress on determining the course of the illness and best treatment options

How to Apply

Applications may be emailed to LGLTravelFund@virginia.edu  using this form (PDF). Applicants will be notified within one month if they are chosen to receive funding. Applications not immediately approved will be put on a waiting list of individuals who may receive assistance should any funds remain at the end of the fiscal period.