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Liver Transplant

At the UVA Transplant Center, we’ve performed more than 1,400 liver transplants since our program started in 1988. We were the first Medicare-approved liver transplant center in Virginia. 

Our transplant recipients include patients from all over Virginia. We also specialize in both out-of-state and international patients with particularly challenging cases. We care for patients who are awaiting liver transplant through medical management and state-of-the-art imaging and drug therapy, which can improve survival after transplant.

Liver Transplant Support Group

Join both pre and post-liver transplant patients for information, discussion and support.

From Liver Transplant to Marathon

Steve received his liver transplant in the spring of 2016. In October of 2017, Steve ran the Marine Corps Marathon. View Steve's transcript.

Liver Research

Our hepatitis research programs are among the most comprehensive in the nation and have received international recognition. They include studies of Hepatitis B and C and ways to prevent and treat these conditions in transplant patients.

At UVA, we've been involved in the study of patients undergoing living donor liver transplant, as well as transplants in HIV positive patients with liver disease.

Living Donor Transplants

We are one of the few sites in the nation to offer this life-saving form of liver transplant. In 2002, our center was selected by the National Institute of Health to become one of 10 sites in the country to study this procedure. Learn more about the benefits of living donor liver transplants.

Ending Cancer With a Liver Transplant

"From the moment that I met the team, I instantly felt a connection to them. They left me feeling a sense of hope,” Leslie says about the UVA team that transplanted her liver. View Leslie's transcript.