Living Organ Donations

Living Kidney Donation

The demand for transplant organs far exceeds the supply of available organs.

Because of this, our transplant program offers living donations as an option for kidney and liver transplants. (Living donations are not an option for pancreas, heart or lung transplants.)

Living Liver Donation
What is a Living Donor?

A living donor is someone who donates an organ or part of an organ to another person. Living donors can include relatives, friends, coworkers, spouses or anonymous donors.

How a Living Liver Donation Works

Unclear how a living organ donation works? Learn about the process for both the liver donor and recipient. View living donor transcript.

Are You Eligible to Donate?

You must meet minimum requirements before an evaluation at UVA:

  • Excellent general health
  • Donor age: Kidney: 18-70 years; Liver: 18-60 years

The evaluation itself takes 8-10 weeks. As a potential donor, you:

  • Undergo a medical exam with blood and urine tests, X-rays and CT scans, psychological evaluation
  • Receive the support of an independent team of nurses, a social worker, nutritionists, pharmacists, a medical doctor and a surgeon

What Does it Cost?

Living donation doesn’t cost anything for the donor. Our team will identify ways to offset any costs you may face, identifying grants and other funds. 

You would only need to cover travel expenses and whatever work hours lost.