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Memory loss. Poor concentration. Speech and vision problems. Personality changes. These are just a few red flags that may indicate an underlying and serious condition.

Our neuropsychologists offer evaluation and personalized care for patients who are experiencing problems associated with aging, traumatic brain injury and other neurologic disorders. We have the latest tests and tools to accurately diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

We see patients with a wide range of brain disorders and psychological conditions, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders
  • Stroke or other neurovascular problems
  • Brain tumors
  • ADHD and other developmental disabilities
  • Traumatic brain injury and concussion
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Seizure disorders, such as epilepsy

The Reasons for Neuropsychological Testing

If you or a loved one has difficulty with thinking, memory, speech, personality or other behaviors that interfere with daily activities, a neuropsychological evaluation may be helpful. Neuropsychological tests help your doctor determine how well your brain is functioning, develop an appropriate treatment plan and project expected outcomes.

Some behaviors that may signal the need for evaluation or treatment include:

  • Memory loss
  • Problems with attention and concentration
  • Difficulty organizing and planning
  • Speech problems
  • Vision changes
  • Disturbed thinking or confusion
  • Increased impulsivity

Have questions about neuropsychological testing? Have a look at our frequently asked questions and answers.

Specialized Care for Dementia and Memory Disorders

Our neuropsychologists work with a team of neurologists, psychiatrists and other experts at the Memory and Aging Care Clinic to care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other memory or cognitive (thinking) disorders. We work closely with you and your family to provide education about these diseases and offer support to improve your quality of life. 

For memory and aging care, visit the Adult Neurology Clinic.