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Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is hard to treat. Once you have it, surgery is the only cure. But surgery only works for 10-15% of patients. That's why knowing your risk and getting care early is key. 

At UVA, you'll find a team on the front lines of care and research. We're experts at pancreatic cancer surgery. And we continue to explore ways to catch pancreatic cancer before it strikes.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment at UVA

At UVA, we have among the highest quality outcomes in the nation. We perform the most advanced surgeries, including the Whipple procedure. Our team has gone through special training to treat diseases of the pancreas. This level of expertise means you get the highest level of care.

Types of Pancreas Surgery

If you need pancreatic surgery, you want options. We can perform surgery for all stages of disease. This includes treating painful pancreatic cysts.

We have some of the best surgery results in the country. Our expertise includes:

  • The Whipple procedure
  • Taking out the body and tail of the pancreas
  • Spleen removal 
  • Removal of the whole pancreas

Pancreatic Cancer Experts

The team includes surgeons, nurses, GI specialists, cancer experts, radiologists, and genetic counselors. All of us specialize in dealing with pancreatic cysts and tumors. We work together to give you a personalized experience. This combination of skill and collaboration means you get the best care possible.



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A Center of Excellence

UVA Health has been named a pancreatic cancer Center of Excellence by the National Pancreas Foundation. We received this designation for:

  • High quality of pancreatic cancer patient care
  • A focus on the whole patient, which improves outcomes
  • Leading research and development of new approaches to pancreatic cancer treatment
Why We're A Center of Excellence