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Spiritual Support From UVA Health Chaplains

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If you’re a patient, family member, caregiver, or staff member, we’re here for you. Maybe you’re having trouble adjusting to an illness or have questions about the meaning of life. We listen to you with an open mind and an understanding ear.

We provide interfaith services, which means we value and respect religious diversity and provide spiritual care and understanding to people of all faiths. You don’t need to be religious or to belong to any congregation to call on us.

How Chaplains Help

We’re here to help you and your family:

  • Find a religious caregiver 
  • Talk over concerns about ethics or healthcare decisions
  • Request religious rites, services, prayers, or sacred literature
  • Cope with pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Find and use your own inner strength
  • Advocate for patients 
  • Deal with grief and death

When to Call a Chaplain

Reach out when you:

  • Feel anxious or fearful about the unknown
  • Have difficult feelings like anger, guilt, or depression
  • Want to tell your story
  • Need prayer or religious/spiritual support
  • Can’t deal with upsetting news
  • Find yourself struggling with the meaning of illness in your life
  • Are grieving a loss
  • Face end-of-life questions
  • Need the delivery of sacraments
  • Want support contacting community clergy

Quiet Spaces

We can help you find a place to pray, meditate, cry, or just be alone. This can be hard to do in a hospital setting. But our team members know how important a quiet space can be.