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Bereavement: When a Loved One Dies

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When someone dies at the hospital, call us.

When someone you love dies, you may experience shock, grief and sadness. 

You may stay at the bedside with your loved one for a short period of time if you wish. When you are ready, you will need to find support and make decisions.

Support After Loss

We have a team, Decedent Affairs, dedicated to helping you navigate the emotional and logistical challenges following a death. When someone dies, we can walk you through next steps and help you find the information you need.

Overwhelmed? How We Can Help

  • A hospital chaplain, who can provide a prayer or other spiritual support when your loved one is dying or has died
  • Social workers can help with a range of issues, from emotional strain to logistical matters

How Others Can Help

If people want to help, you can ask them to: 

  • Answer the phone or door
  • Notify others of the death
  • Make a list of phone calls, letters, flowers, food donations and other gifts
  • Help you make funeral or memorial service arrangements
  • Accompany you to the funeral home