For Visiting Clergy and Pastoral Visitors

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As colleagues in ministry, we want to be available to help you. Please feel free to call us any time. We may also call on you for help with specific faith tradition or denominational requests.

Patient Confidentiality

The rules regarding confidentiality in the hospital are a result of HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, 2003) legislation and regulations. HIPAA sets legal limits on the information that we can provide to you about patients in order to protect their privacy.

You should continue to maintain your parishioners' privacy and confidentiality. Please get your parishioners’ or members’ permission before sharing information about their hospitalization. Also, ask your members what they want you to share with the congregation when honoring prayer requests. It's best not to share details about diagnosis, treatment plans, or prognosis.

Visitation Procedures 

Clergy and pastoral visitors may visit patients from their respective congregations only and only at the convenience of the patient.

Visiting Hours

Visiting clergy and pastoral visitors are not bound by normal visiting hours. However, you must arrange your visit at the convenience of the patient and our staff.

Tracts and Sacred Literature

You may use appropriate religious literature when ministering to your parishioners or others who have requested your services. General distribution of tracts and other religious literature in the hospital is not permitted. Leaving tracts in waiting rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, the hospital chapel and other public areas is not permitted. Devotional and sacred literature is available from the chaplains' office.