Eligibility for Transplant

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Once you’re referred to a transplant center by your doctor, an evaluation process takes place.

Each transplant type has slightly different criteria for what makes someone a candidate for transplant, but all of them include factors like your health, age, medical history, support systems.

The evaluation process goes in-depth and takes time. Transplant coordinators, doctors, surgeons and nutritionists assess various medical and personal factors. Additionally:

  • Pharmacy staff review your medications to see if any of them would conflict with a transplant
  • Neuropsychologists evaluate your mental state, because a history of depression or substance abuse might affect a transplant’s success
  • Financial counselors review your insurance coverage in terms of the medications you will need
  • Social workers look at your support system, to make sure you have people to help care for you as you recover from transplant

Transplant Waiting List: Decision Time

The transplant team meets regularly to review candidates for the waiting list. Every team member gets a vote. If approved, the team puts your name on a waiting list.

Learn more about the people who make up the transplant support team.