Visitor Guidelines

Contact a Patient
When you can't visit in person, you can still connect.

No Visitors Allowed

No visitors allowed. Hospital lobbies and clinic waiting rooms are closed. This means you can't have a visitor or someone with you:

  • At a clinic appointment
  • For a same-day procedure
  • In the emergency room
  • When you're staying at the hospital

Current visitor policies aim to keep everyone as safe as possible during the COVID pandemic. See visitor restrictions (PDF).

When You're Here: Policies

Follow these policies while in any UVA Health building:

  • Wear a mask; we can give you one if you need it
  • COVID symptoms? Call before coming to your appointment
  • Practice social distancing
  • Show photo ID when checking in
  • Get screened before entering
  • Not crowd unit hallway
  • Avoid large groups
  • Ask care team if you have questions

Entering the hospital: Use the main entrance on Lee Street (24/7) or the 2nd floor link (5-8 a.m., Mon.-Fri. ONLY).

When You Can Have a Visitor: Policy Exceptions

For questions about exceptions beyond what's listed here, talk with the unit manager or the patient's care team. They will review your request. 

End of Life

If facing death, we can allow 2 visitors, 24/7.

Having a Baby

If you’re having a baby, you can have 1 visitor, 24/7. 

Pediatric Patients

Children can have 2 designated visitors while in the hospital, and 1 person may be at the bedside at a time. Children can have 1 person with them in all other areas.

Patients With Disabilities

Patients with disabilities can have 1 person with them.  

Critical Planning

For critical plan of care discussions, we can permit 2 visitors to join you.


In the hospital, 1 clergy member can visit at end-of-life in addition to your allowed visitors.