Visitor Guidelines

How many people can visit or be with a patient?

  • Staying in the hospital: 2 visitors allowed from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. and 1 overnight visitor allowed
  • In the ER: 2 people allowed
  • At clinic appointment: 2 people allowed

At medical visits and in the hospital, visitors must:

  • Wear a mask 
  • Be 12 or older
  • Not have COVID symptoms or exposures

See all visitor restrictions (PDF).

We allow some exceptions.

Bringing Your Child as a Visitor

In most cases, children over 12 can visit someone in the hospital. However, some areas, such as the behavioral health areas, have more restrictions. Call the hospital before you go to confirm.

When You Can Have a Visitor: Policy Exceptions

For questions about exceptions and beyond what's listed here, talk to the unit manager or the patient's care team. They will review your request.

End of Life

If facing death, we can allow 2 visitors, 24/7.

Having a Baby

If you’re having a baby, you can have 2 visitors, 24/7.  


In the hospital, clergy members can visit in addition to your allowed visitors.