Become a Care Partner

Healing happens best when you have the comfort of a familiar face nearby. That’s why we welcome a family member or trusted friend to serve as a Care Partner.

Care Partner Responsibilities

A patient can name one or two adults as Care Partners. In this role, you can:

  • Receive patient status updates over the phone
  • Serve as an active member of the healthcare team, helping to manage the patient’s care
  • Learn to perform daily care tasks from the nursing staff
  • Feel empowered to ask questions of the providers and staff and help facilitate communication between the patient and the healthcare team

Problems: What to Do

Tell the nurse right away if the patient looks sick, weak or has other problems.

Making Healthcare Decisions 

Being a Care Partner does not designate you as the patient’s legal decision-maker or allow you to sign consent forms for the patient.

To make healthcare decisions for a patient, they must designate you with an advance directive form.

To get access to a patient's medical records, they must grant access with a proxy access authorization form.

Safety and Security 

Security Code

We will give you a security code. This code allows staff to give you information and updates over the phone.  Do not share the code or the status updates with others, including friends or family.

ID Band

Wear your identification band at all times. Care Partner bands are orange (adult patients) or green (Children’s Hospital).