NICO Brain Surgery

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When you face brain surgery, you can feel a lot of fear. This technology can give you some assurance and hope about the procedure. Using NICO BrainPath to treat your brain tumor, we can:

  • Reduce the risk of hurting the parts of your brain that control speech, memory, vision
  • Increase the safety of the surgery using GPS navigation
  • Lessen recovery time
  • Send you home faster

A Detailed Map Means a Safe Route

Before surgery, our neurosurgeons will study the wiring of your brain. They'll plan the safest route to your tumor. Using high-definition optics and a navigation system similar to a GPS, the surgeon will guide the NICO BrainPath tool through your brain and remove the tumor.

A Systematic Approach to Neurosurgery

This safe, effective surgical method to remove tumors, blood clots and other growths located deep within the brain uses six components:

  1. Brain mapping – advanced imaging to map the surgery before the procedure
  2. GPS navigation for real-time guidance through the deep subcortical regions of the brain
  3. Access – specially designed tools reduce brain tissue damage while the neurosurgeon navigates the delicate folds of the brain
  4. High-definition optics – these capabilities allow for visualizing the procedure with unprecedented clarity
  5. Removal – a specialized tool allows for precise and controlled tissue removal without injury to critical parts of the brain
  6. Tissue collection – for regenerative medicine options

With this safe, effective method, we can offer brain surgery to people for whom surgery wasn't an option.