How to Get a Second Opinion for a Brain Tumor

Make an Appointment

When you have a brain tumor, getting a second opinion makes sense. A second opinion can confirm your diagnosis. It can introduce you to new treatments. Often, people want a second opinion for a brain tumor to help them make tough choices and feel reassured about their care team. 

Coming to UVA for a Second Opinion for a Brain Tumor

Don't feel worried about going to another doctor. At UVA, you'll get the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Getting a Second Opinion Somewhere Else

If you're one of our patients, we encourage you to get a second opinion, too. We want you to feel assured and confident in our hands. It’s important to us that you trust in the person who does your brain tumor surgery or provides medical treatment.

Option 1: Get it in Person

Call us to make an appointment. Let us know that you want a second opinion. 

We can usually able to schedule second opinion appointments within one week.

See maps, directions, and what to bring with you to the Neuro-Oncology Clinic.

Option 2: Get it in Writing 

Can't travel to Charlottesville? We can review your medical information and provide a written second opinion. We will provide a written consultation within 5 business days of getting your information.

Request a written second opinion by sending us this cover letter (PDF).


Get answers to your questions about how to get a second opinion.

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