Astrocytoma Treatment

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Finding out you have astrocytoma is scary. At the same time, you’re dealing with troubling symptoms like headache, personality changes, or trouble walking. And you’re filled with questions and not sure what comes next.

You don’t have to be. At UVA Cancer Center, our expert team is experienced in treating astrocytoma. The brain is an important and complex part of the body, making brain cancer tricky to treat. You can trust our expertise and advanced treatment options.

Astrocytoma Treatment at UVA Cancer Center

Treating your astrocytoma starts with understanding your specific tumor. We’ll do thorough testing, including advanced imaging, to get all the information we need to treat your cancer.

  • Advanced imaging, including MRI, helps us see your tumor’s location and size.

  • Biopsy (taking a sample of cells from the tumor) tells us about the cells in your tumor, like whether they grow fast or slow.
  • A neurological exam helps us understand how your tumor affects your balance, vision, hearing, strength, and reflexes. That way, we can provide the wrap-around care you need.

Treatments we offer include:

Pain Relief & Supportive Care

Supportive (palliative) care is an important part of brain cancer treatment. This treatment focuses on relieving pain and easing your symptoms. Not to be confused with hospice, you can access this care at any point in your cancer treatment.

Accessing Clinical Trials

At UVA Cancer Center, you can access new treatments not available anywhere else through our clinical trials. Our care team can help you find and get enrolled in clinical trials.

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