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Breast Cancer Care

When a lump appears, fear follows. You want answers. You want breast cancer care that's compassionate and accurate, with the best available treatment options.

At UVA, you can trust in our vast experience and high-tech tools. We can address your worries and risks. You'll find support from a whole team of people dedicated to giving you the care you need.

Breast Cancer Care at UVA

Our Breast Care Center has earned accreditation that vouches for the quality of our services.

This designation means we offer: 

  • A complete range of state-of-the-art equipment
  • A team approach 
  • Access to clinical trials and the latest treatment options
  • Programs for prevention, early detection, and patient support
  • Ongoing improvements in cancer care

Learn more about the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

Treating Breast Cancer

If you do have breast cancer, you'll find an environment of support. We're here to help with all the challenges and decisions you may face. We're right there with you.

Whatever your breast condition, we care for your whole person, providing care for:

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All Together Now: Pantops Location

The Breast Care Center at Pantops offers nearly all of our services at one location. Along with fresh, open spaces and easy, free parking, you'll find everything from support care and genetics counseling to infusion and the Flourish shop.

Get Directions to the Pantops Location
Is it Breast Cancer?

Breast pain does not always mean breast cancer. Other conditions can cause discomfort, cysts, lumps, tenderness, and swelling.

Not all breast lumps are cancer. Fibrosis, a scar tissue, can cause fluid-filled cysts. Such lumps are non-cancerous (benign), but may still cause swelling or pain. You could have:

Having your doctor test your breast pain can help identify the source of the pain and a path to relief.

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Look & Feel Your Best

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, you don't want to miss Flourish. In two locations, this shop offers wigs, scarves, bras, clothing, and gifts. They can encourage you to feel like yourself again.

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