Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling: Know Your Risk

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UVA's breast cancer genetic counseling offers genetic counselors, who are specialists in their field. They offer an in-depth consultation to discuss your family history of cancer and calculate your level of risk. If you are found to be at high-risk, you'll receive detailed recommendations for screenings. You'll know how often you should be screened and by what cancer teams.

About Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling

Before meeting with a genetic counselor, you will receive an intake packet of forms to complete, including a family history form. The completed forms are what the cancer genetic counselor uses to construct your family medical tree. The genetic counselor reviews the tree with a member of the breast care team and then they do a physical evaluation and make their recommendations.

At your visit, you will learn:

  • The specific inherited disorder(s) that may be suspected in you and/or your family
  • Genetic pattern(s) of inheritance of the disorder(s)
  • Risk that you inherited this, or may have passed this to your children
  • Risk of tumor development in anyone who carries the specific gene(s)
  • How often you should be screened and by what cancer specialties