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Colon Health & Cancer Care

The health of your colon is critical. Issues of the anuscolon, and rectum can cause pain and inconvenience. Colon cancer can kill. At UVA, you have access to experts who can catch problems before they get out of control. Our colorectal surgeons earned the highest rating from U.S. News & World Report

A Better Way to Do Colon Surgery

We involve you in the healing process, from start to finish. This means less pain and a faster recovery. Learn more about ERAS.

Colon Health Means Screening

Don't want to get a colon cancer screening? Find out why you should get screened for colon cancer.

    A Life-Saving Procedure

    A routine colonoscopy detected Cindy's cancer early. She believes the procedure saved her life. View colon cancer transcript.

    Conditions We Treat

    Colon Health: Expert, Unique Services

    We house the only anal clinic in the region. This allows us to offer effective interventions for anal cancer.

    UVA offers care beyond treatment. Come to us for: