patient receiving an ultrasound on her neck

Endocrine Tumors

Endocrine cancer forms in glands, resulting in: 

Other cancers that affect the endocrine system include:

Understanding Endocrine Tumors

Glands serve as a control panel for your body. They send hormones through your bloodstream. The chemicals in hormones tell your organs how and when to:

  • Reproduce
  • React to stress
  • Grow
  • Use energy
  • Build muscle

Tumors in your glands can make hormones that cause serious illness. This means you'll need care before and after treatment.  

The good news: We can treat endocrine tumors if we find them early.  

Treating Endocrine Cancer

We use a team approach to treat endocrine cancer. We have cancer doctors, surgeons, radiologists, endocrinologists and neuro-oncologists, all trained in finding and treating complicated cancers.