patient receiving an ultrasound on her neck

Endocrine Cancer

Endocrine cancer forms in the tissue of the body that secretes hormones (endocrine tissue). UVA Cancer Center treats various cancers of the endocrine system including: 

Other cancers that affect the endocrine system but are specific to certain organs include

Understanding Endocrine Tumors

The endocrine system is composed of glands that serve as a control panel for your body, sending hormones throughout the bloodstream to maintain tissue and organ function, and managing activities like reproduction, stress response, growth, energy and muscle strength. Although endocrine tumors are treatable if detected early, the tumors can produce hormones which can cause serious illness so it is important to be followed closely before and after treatment.

Treating Endocrine Cancer

The UVA Cancer Center uses a team approach to diagnosing and treating cancers of the endocrine system. This team involves medical oncologists, radiologists, surgical oncologists, endocrinologists and neuro-oncologists, depending on the tumor site, and is trained in diagnosing and treating complicated cancers that require surgery.