Gastrointestinal Cancer

UVA Cancer Center specializes in the treatment of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Leading-Edge Diagnostics & Care

UVA Cancer Center is increasingly offering specialty and high-risk cancer programs that feature multidisciplinary teams dedicated to screening, treatment and care for patients at high risk for certain cancers or patients who have these cancers. At the helm of the specialty programs are researchers focused on advancing the treatments and surgical options that are available. We have a comprehensive Pancreatic Cancer Program that includes a high-risk clinic and offers state-of-the-art liver cancer surgery using the latest procedures and techniques.

Research & Technology

Our team of gastrointestinal (GI) specialists are experts in difficult-to-treat GI cancers. Our Digestive Disease Research Center is one of only 16 such centers in the nation funded by the National Institutes of Health. As a Center of Excellence, we bring vital research from the laboratory to the bedside.

Interventional Endoscopy

At UVA, we’ve developed new techniques and equipment in the highly specialized field of interventional endoscopy. During these procedures, long fiber-optic tubes are inserted through the mouth into the GI tract. The tube allows doctors to insert stents into the GI tract. UVA patients were among the first in the nation to receive the next generation of stents for treating obstructive jaundice – a major complication of pancreatic cancer.

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Colorectal Surgery
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We have a dedicated colorectal surgery team for cancer involving the colon, rectum and anus. Our colon cancer surgery program has received the highest possible performance rating from U.S. News & Word Report. 

Information about Colon Cancer
Liver Cancer Surgery
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At UVA, we're performing liver resection surgery on patients with liver cancer, such as hepatocellular cancer. It's also done in those with colon cancer that's spread to the liver and patients with liver cysts, adenomas or hemangiomas.

Risks & Symptoms for Liver Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer Program
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UVA's Pancreatic Surgery Clinic offers early detection measures, advanced treatment options and coordinated care for patients with the disease. It is among the best in the country in terms of patient outcomes. 

Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
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