Cville Mobile Coach: FAQs

Schedule the Coach

Want to host the mobile mammography coach in your Central Virginia community? We answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how to schedule a visit.

What features does the coach offer?

  • 3D Tomosynthesis Hologic Dimensions Unit
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Clean, comfortable interior
  • Dressing room
  • Reception area with materials on breast health, breast cancer risks, importance of healthy lifestyle, exercise and nutrition

What are the requirements for the coach & staff? 

The mobile is 45 feet long, 10.2 feet wide and 13.6 feet tall. The recommended surface area needed for the coach to park is 30’ wide x 45’ long. This is equal to approximately 9-11 car parking spaces. We ask that you ensure there is adequate, hard, and level space with no overhanging branches for the coach to park and turn around at your facility prior to scheduling patients. 

The coach is equipped with a hydraulic leveling system to compensate for mildly sloping areas. We do not need access to water or power; we do, however, request access to a restroom for the technicians and driver. We operate on a generator all day, so there is a low rumble coming from the coach. We have hand sanitizer on the coach for our patients and staff.  

What time will the coach be at my facility?

We will arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the first scheduled appointment to prepare for the first patient. We may be on site before your practice or business opens.

Do I need a certain number of patients scheduled for you to bring the coach?

We strongly encourage you to fill all the open slots before our scheduled visit. Due to costs associated with staff, travel and advertising, we need to maximize every site visit and make it a success for your patients and practice.

We prefer to have a minimum of 10 patients scheduled within 10 days of the site visit. If you are unable to meet this minimum, please be aware we may need to cancel the site visit. Please let us know if you are having trouble filling your slots, as we may make concessions when necessary.  

There may be occasions where circumstances beyond our control cause the site visit to be cancelled. If this occurs, we will take responsibility for rescheduling the patients to a different date.   

How long are the appointments?

Appointments take approximately 20 minutes.

Will UVA help me with marketing the event? 

Yes. Please contact 434.297.5202 for marketing assistance. We prefer to send you marketing materials at least one month prior to the visit to allow time to fill the schedule. 

Some promotional ideas to increase patient awareness include:

  • Displaying the flyer
  • Sending the flyer to local churches and women’s groups
  • Posting the event on social media sites such as Facebook

Additionally, since most patients listen to their caregiver, it helps if the nurses and physicians alert patients when they are due for their next mammogram and encourage them to use our convenient service. 

Is the coach accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. It is equipped with a wheelchair lift for patients who are unable to walk up the stairs. However, the patient must be able to stand, unassisted, for the mammogram.  

How can patients make an appointment?

Call 434.243.4704 to make an appointment.

Do you accept walk-ons the day of the site visit?

No. Patients should be pre-registered for an appointment prior to the day of the site visit. 

Are there any restrictions for being scanned on the coach?

Yes. The coach is for screening mammograms only, either 2D or 3D. If the patient is having problems with their breast, i.e., lumps found, discharge, etc., they should see their doctor prior to scheduling a mammogram, it may be more appropriate for them to have a diagnostic mammogram at the Breast Center. Also, the patient must be between 40 and 74 years of age and not had a mammogram within the last 12 months.

Will the patient’s doctor receive a copy of the mammogram report?

Yes, the patient’s doctor will receive a copy of the report. The patient will be sent a letter with the results within 30 days of the mammogram.

How does the billing work?

While most insurance companies cover screening mammography, some do not cover tomosynthesis (3D breast imaging). It is highly recommended that the patient contact their insurer to validate coverage prior to scheduling their appointment. If the patient does not have insurance, there are programs which cover the costs of their mammogram. Patients should ask about these programs when they call to schedule their appointment.

Is there anything special the patient needs to bring or do before showing up for a mammogram?

The patient will be required to show their insurance card and photo ID. Patients can wear deodorant but should not wear any lotions or powders on the breast area. 

If I want more information about the Mobile Mammogram Coach, who should I contact?

Please call 434.297.5202 with any questions you may have.