Myoclonus Treatment

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Whether mild or severe, dealing with the sudden twitches and jerks from myoclonus is difficult and impacts your daily life. You can't control them and you want them to stop. 

Myoclonus Treatment at UVA Health

At UVA Health, our neurologists are experts in helping people with myoclonus. We're well-versed in treating myoclonus caused by:


We may do tests and imaging to better understand what's causing your symptoms:


There are several medicines to treat myoclonus. We'll find the best one for you. 

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can teach you exercises to improve muscle control and coordination. They may also suggest relaxation strategies to manage stress, which can sometimes trigger or worsen myoclonus.

Avoiding Triggers

Sometimes it helps to find and avoid things that trigger myoclonus, like caffeine, medicines, and activities. 

Assistive Devices

We can help you figure out what devices, like a cane or brace, can make your movements more stable. 

Emotional Support

Living with myoclonus can be hard mentally as well as physically. We have social workers who can help.