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Baby-Friendly Designation

What does it mean that we are a designated Baby-Friendly® Birth Facility?

This international designation requires a hospital to meet certain standards that promote healthy breastfeeding. 

Here's what you can expect.


Before you have your baby, we make sure you know about the benefits of breastfeeding and feel prepared. We offer free prenatal classes to give you the information you need to make the best choices for you and your child.

We also train our staff to provide the support you need to breastfeed.

Physical Contact

As soon as your infant is born, we facilitate the bonding experience by giving you the chance for immediate skin-to-skin contact. This contact also promotes breastfeeding, which we encourage moms to begin within the first hour of birth.

Private, Single Maternity Rooms

We do not keep your child in a separate nursery. Your baby stays with you in your room, so that you can nurse your child when needed. Having your child with you also means you enjoy the security of knowing your child is safe at all times. We perform all check-ups in the room. 

These rooms have enough space to allow for a care partner or spouse to stay with you in your room, taking care of you so you can take care of the baby.

Certified Support

When you deliver at UVA, you benefit from the robust support of certified lactation specialists. They can help you overcome any challenges you face so you and your child can nurse successfully. This support continues after you leave the hospital. 

Read more about how we earned the Baby-Friendly designation.

Baby-Friendly®: Why You Should Care

Nurse practitioner Sally Miller walks us through this special designation and our new labor and delivery offerings.

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