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Safe Sleep for Your Newborn

We are committed to providing the safest care for your newborn. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for supporting and promoting a safe sleep environment. 

The Safest Sleep Environment for Your Newborn

During your hospital stay:

  • Your baby can snuggle with you skin-to-skin when you are awake, then sleep in a nearby crib for safety if you feel sleepy and need to rest
  • We place all babies on their backs in a crib with a firm mattress
  • Stuffed animals, pillows, fluffy blankets and other soft bedding will be kept out of your baby's bed
  • We wrap babies in swaddle sacks instead of clothing and blankets
  • Swaddle sacks will enhance infant security by visually identifying your baby as a patient
  • At discharge, we'll give you a free, brand-new UVA Children's Hospital swaddle sack to use at home

We'll also give you information on how to provide a safe sleep environment for your newborn at home.

Infant Sleep

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