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We're here at every stage of development — from birth to the teenage years — to help you care for your children. These new parent resources and free classes can help you care for your baby and yourself.

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Find a Pediatrician

In addition to primary care, we offer more than 30 specialty services to patients throughout Virginia. Find a doctor near you.

UVA Breastfeeding Medicine Program

At the Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic, mothers with breastfeeding questions or concerns can receive phone support or be seen by a lactation consultant. Visits are usually covered by insurance.

Learn more about breastfeeding classes and resources and more about our breastfeeding program at UVA.

Keeping Your Infant Safe

Sleep Safety 

We follow best practices in sleep safety, providing free sleep sacks for your newborn.

Safety Precautions

Keep your new child safe; know the steps to take in the event of an emergency:

Learn about normal newborn behavior and the symptoms that mean you should call the doctor.

Prevention information from the Centers for Disease Control:

Local support from the Virginia Department of Health:

Post-Partum Depression

PPD is not the same thing as "baby blues." In fact, you or your partner can experience postpartum depression several months after your newborn arrives. 

Read how you can help yourself or others who are struggling with postpartum depression.