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Giving Birth at UVA

We support you, no matter what kind of birth you plan to have or end up having. We offer you the chance to have as natural a birth as you desire, with little to no medical interventions or medications.

Experts in the Delivery Room

At UVA, we're the referral center in the region for high-risk pregnancies. While most pregnancies develop as expected and result in a healthy mother and child, complications do occur. You don't want to be anywhere else if you have or are at risk to have a pregnancy-related complication.

Safety for Your Newborn

Problems can happen when you give birth. If they do, we have a nationally ranked team standing by to care for you and your baby. This Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the only one in the area. 

Standards of Care

We've also earned the Baby-Friendly designation by meeting international standards.

Resources & Education

We offer free classes to you and your family members on everything from delivery to caring for your newborn. We also offer a variety of resources for new parents. Sign up for a free prenatal class

Staff Support

Our staff includes highly trained labor and delivery nurses. We also offer additional support.

Certified Nurse Midwives

Midwives help women make healthy choices throughout pregnancy and beyond. The midwives at UVA are nurse practitioners who specialize in women’s health and in birth and newborn care.

Watch midwife Kate Becker talk about the midwifery program at UVA.

Lactation Consultants

Enjoy the expertise of internationally board-certified lactation consultants. They are on hand to help you and your child right from the start. And they also follow your progress after you go home, as part of our award-winning Breastfeeding Medicine Program.

Doulas & Care Partners

We welcome doulas to advocate for and support you during your delivery. We also encourage you to have a support person, or care partner

Should you need them, we have social workers, chaplains and other support services available.

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