Prenatal Classes

Pregnancy & Coronavirus
Get your questions answered about having a baby during the pandemic. See virtual support options.

These free classes cover everything from childbirth and newborn care to breastfeeding and becoming a working mom. All classes are now online.

Having Your Baby at UVA? Take a Virtual Tour

Join a virtual tour to learn what to expect when you come to deliver your baby at the hospital. Get the latest updates on policies and steps we're taking to keep you and your baby healthy. Get answers to your questions and concerns. Virtual tours are held twice a month.

When: The first Saturday of every month at 10 a.m. and the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday sessions: Join by video or phone at 202.860.2110 (Access code: 171 839 5937)

Saturday sessions: Join by video or phone at 202.860.2110 (Access code: 171 874 8027)

Prenatal Basics

Learn the basics of giving birth and caring for your newborn: Choose either two short classes or a four-week class.

Attend two short classes:

Or go in-depth with this four-week class:

Prenatal Classes Beyond the Basics

Find support for family members and the challenges of newborn parenting:

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Class Location

All classes are now online.

Hospital Tour

Our private tours usually take about a half hour. In addition to seeing the labor and delivery rooms and units, we'll review hospital policies. We'll also provide you with educational resources for having a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth.

Ask a Question or Schedule a Tour

Questions about a prenatal class? Want a private tour? Email