Preparing for Birth & Baby Class

This free, four-week class covers information from both the Childbirth Quick Class and Newborn Care Basics.

Join Us Online

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are hosting Preparing for Birth & Baby Class sessions online. Email Diane Sampson at for details.

What You'll Learn to Prepare for Your Baby

Prepare for the birth of your baby by learning all about labor and delivery and how to care for yourself and baby when you go home. You will learn:

  • Signs of labor
  • Stages of the labor process
  • When to come to the hospital
  • Possible interventions
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Role of labor support
  • Newborn care, behavior, basic safety

We'll also tour the labor and delivery and postpartum units and discuss your stay in the hospital.

Get started: See class outline and materials.

Available Four-Week Sessions 

You can attend one of the following:
September 1 - September 22
October 6 - October 27
November 1 - November 24
December 1 - December 22
January 5 - 26
February 9 - March 2
March 9 - 30
April 13 - May 4
May 11 - June 1

Class days/times: Classes meet every Tuesday evening, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


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