Sports Medicine Knee Pain

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The knee joint is the largest in our bodies. Running, jumping, and other normal activities all put different stresses on your knee that can lead to soreness and injuries. Knee pain or stiffness can seriously affect your day-to-day life and shouldn't be ignored.

When playing sports, we push ourselves to the limit, and sometimes over it. Our team of experts can quickly stabilize and evaluate your knee and determine if you'll need more than rest and medicine to get back to normal. 

Our sports medicine knee care isn’t just for athletes. Whether you’ve suffered an injury through work or play, UVA’s sports medicine experts have the training and experience to get you back on the job or on the court.

Expert Knee Pain and Meniscus Repair

Popping, swelling and pain in the knee are signs of a torn meniscus, one of the most common sports-related injuries. Our sports medicine providers can work with you to ease your pain and stiffness. If you need surgery, our providers are specially trained in minimally invasive meniscal repair techniques.

Conditions We Treat

  • Adolescent anterior knee pain
  • Anterior cruciate ligament injuries
  • Collateral ligament injuries
  • Combined knee ligament injuries
  • Discoid meniscus
  • Knee tendon bursitis
  • Kneecap (prepatellar) bursitis
  • Meniscal tears and other injuries to the meniscus
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Osteonecrosis of the knee
  • Patellar tendon tear
  • Patellofemoral arthritis
  • Pigmented villonodular synovitis
Children's Ortho Services
young girl in an arm sling

When your child injures a joint or breaks a bone, you want an expert to treat you child’s growing body. Our pediatric orthopedic specialists treat your child and get them back in the game. More about pediatric orthopedic services

Pain Management
A provider consulting on a patient's back pain by touching the patient's back by his neck.

Pain interferes with your day-to-day life. We can help control it. Contact our pain management specialists to help you get back on track. More on pain management

Physical Med and Rehab
Athlete and doctors in weight room

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation services work with you to personalize your recovery. We don’t just treat your symptoms. We work on the cause of your pain. More on rehabilitation