International Telehealth Projects

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Over the past 20 years, the UVA Center for Telehealth has become increasingly involved in international health projects.

We draw from a broad experience in providing access to healthcare in rural communities to foster global relationships to treat illness and advance healthcare education in a growing number of places around the world.

The following represent just a few of our international programs.

Tanzanian Women's Global Health Initiative

Moshi, Tanzania

Since 2012, we have provided technical support to connect UVA gyne-oncologist Peyton Taylor, MD, to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC). By providing a telemedicine connection between UVA, Duke and KCMC, this program enhances faculty development at KCMC as well as OB-GYN resident education.

UVA and Duke faculty also collaborate with O. Oneko, MD, of KCMC to further develop a remote rural network for cervical and breast cancer screening. This provides a platform for clinical translational research in HIV/HPV co-infections.

National University of Rwanda

UVA Surgical Case Conferences: Kigali & Butare, Rwanda 

In 2011, we began a program with the National University of Rwanda to describe and demonstrate the feasibility and utility of case teleconferences as an innovative educational adjunct for building collaboration and surgical capacity. The program now connects four Rwandan hospitals and medical schools with UVA and one another.

To date, UVA has engaged in over 30 Surgical and Anesthesiology Case Conferences, enriching medical education for both NUR and UVA surgical residents and supporting the development of the Rwandan national telehealth infrastructure.

The UVA - Guatemala Initiative

Quetzaltenango & Solola, Guatemala

In Guatemala, we have been working with the UVA Guatemala Initiative (UVA-GI) to plan and implement a variety of collaborative video and data-linkage opportunities to support local healthcare services. Our network analysts partnered with UVA Emergency Medicine Professor David Burt, MD, to develop a Portal Assessment Tool to evaluate broadband availability in rural or impoverished regions that might benefit from telemedicine resources.

In early 2014, the UVA Center for Telehealth began supporting virtual American Sign Language lessons for students at the Xela School for the Deaf. UVA's Ted Siedlecki, MD, and Penny Carlisle host these lessons twice weekly.

Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST) - UVA

Mbarara, Uganda

In June 2013, the UVA Center for Telehealth began working with colleagues at Mbarara University Science and Technology (MUST) to improve telehealth capacity, creating a global classroom for collaborative research and training. This collaboration takes many forms, including infectious disease resident case conferences and educational courses lead by UVA's Christopher Moore, MD, and MUST's Sampson Okello, MD; guest lectures and undergraduate research exchanges.

Swinfen Charitable Trust

The Swinfen Charitable Trust aims to assist resource-limited, sick and disabled patients in the developing world. The Trust establishes telemedicine links between medical and surgical specialists around the world who give free consultations via videoconferencing. As of January 2014, UVA physicians have consulted on over 50 international cases.

Interested in Getting Involved?

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