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Vascular Medicine & Surgery

At UVA, we offer the latest techniques to treat your veins — the blood vessels that transport blood from the arms and legs back to the heart — as well as the blood vessels and nerves pinched by other parts of the body.

Our experts in vascular medicine and vascular surgery address your discomfort and pain with thorough care. We offer everything from laser therapy and vein stripping to valve repair and stenting.

Vein Clinic at UVA

Our experts can provide you relief from the leg pain, restlessness, leg heaviness, itching and swelling. Vascular surgeon Megan Tracci, MD, discusses the Vein Clinic at UVA. View Vein Clinic transcript.

Treatment options include:

  • Ablation
  • Bypass
  • Laser therapy for birthmarks
  • Thrombectomy
  • Vein stripping 
  • Vein valve repair 
Vein Clinic
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The UVA Vein Clinic's health care providers have the advanced training and expertise to help you with everything from spider veins to complex vein reconstruction.

Our diagnostic testing includes ultrasound and venography, and we offer laser ablation, sclerotherapy and other treatments.

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Vascular Screenings
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You may not realize you have a life-threatening vascular disease because you lack symptoms. Vascular screenings are for patients without symptoms and are important to understand your risks for potential illness. 

Our comprehensive vascular screenings provide early detection of vascular disease and can significantly reduce your risk for serious, sometimes fatal conditions.

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Metabolic Syndrome
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Metabolic syndrome is a group of characteristics, such as obesity, high blood pressure and family history, that puts you at risk for heart and vascular disease.

We can help you identify these characteristics and create a treatment and lifestyle plan to lower your risk for developing heart and vascular disease.

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