Summer Teen Program - Prince William Medical Center

The UVA Health Prince William Auxiliary’s Summer Teen Volunteer Program takes place at the UVA Health Prince William Medical Center. We offer a choice of 3 2-week sessions that introduce students to the culture of the hospital.

Service areas may include the Emergency Department, guest services, surgical services, materials management, physical therapy, registration, and the gift shop.

Summer Teen Volunteer Requirements

To participate, you must:

  • Have or will finish the sophomore year of high school by summer
  • Be a student in good standing with a “B” grade point average or above
  • Submit a complete application packet (application form and all supporting paperwork)
  • Obtain written parental consent
  • Provide an up-to-date immunization record to include our required vaccinations
  • Attend the Parent-Guardian/Teen introduction meeting
  • Attend a group teen interview
  • Attend the in-person teen program orientation/training meeting
  • Purchase a uniform shirt for $20 at orientation

Acceptance process: Submitting your application is the first step in a multi-step process to gain acceptance into the program.

Only completed, application packets, including references, will be considered. 

Step 1: When your application is accepted, we will invite you and your parents or legal guardian via email to the Parent/Teen Volunteer Introduction Meeting. This meeting is required for all participants and at least one parent/guardian. At this meeting, we will discuss the commitment required by our volunteers to be in the program and the various service areas available.

Step 2: At the Parent/Teen Volunteer Introduction Meeting you will schedule a time for your interview. All applicants are required to attend an interview before they can be officially accepted into the program.

Step 3: You will then be required to attend an orientation/training meeting, which is the first day of the two-week program. At this meeting, you will learn about confidentiality, infection prevention, fire and safety, patient care, and more. Your uniform shirt ($20) and ID Badge will be given to you on that day. Lunch is provided by the hospital on the first day and last day of each session.

Teens must complete the entire two-week program to be eligible for a certificate of completion.

Scholarship Program: UVA Health Auxiliary offers scholarships annually to high school seniors and college students. Successful completion of the Summer Teen Program may provide the applicant with an option to volunteer year-round for scholarship eligibility.

Membership: UVA Health Auxiliary reserves the right to terminate the services of any teen who does not exhibit the qualities necessary for a successful volunteer experience.