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Neurosciences & Behavioral Health Center

People from all over the world come to UVA to seek treatment for difficult, rare and complex conditions of the brain, nervous system and spine. Here, you'll find top neurosurgeons, neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatry specialists whose pioneering work in the assessment and treatment of neurological conditions earns national and global recognition.

Whether it's expertise for Alzheimer’s disease, spine issues, neurosurgery, brain cancer, stroke or psychiatric issues, we have the resources that can make a difference in your treatment.

A Home Away From Home

Traveling or moving for treatment can overwhelm anybody. Find out why Charlottesville, UVA Health's home, offers a warm and vibrant environment conducive to healing. View transcript

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Help us find answers to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, brain tumors, epilepsy and a host of other conditions that affect people's daily lives, often without much hope for a cure.

Research & Training
neuroscience research in the learning lab

As a teaching hospital, UVA trains and teaches the next generation of doctors. We're also at the forefront of research to find treatments for the most challenging conditions. 

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Neuroscience + Technology = Amazing Treatments

Long-term, deep depression that doesn't respond to medication has now met its match with TMS therapy.

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It's called Gamma Knife radiosurgery - but it doesn't use a knife at all, treating tumors and epilepsy without surgery.

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In just one session, Focused Ultrasound can calm the shakiness of essential tremor. And that's just the beginning.

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Neurosciences Blog Posts

Stroke & Coronavirus: What Younger Adults Need to Know

Stroke & Coronavirus: What Younger Adults Need to Know
As information about COVID-19 unfolded, doctors noticed a troubling trend. Some mildly ill young people developed blood clots and experienced strokes…

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Natural Headache Remedies?
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Walking Again: A Little Girl’s Movement Disorder & More in the Summer Vim & Vigor

Walking Again: A Little Girl’s Movement Disorder & More in the Summer Vim & Vigor
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Neuroscience News

UVA Launching Project to Determine Long-term Brain Effects of Blast Exposures in Military Personnel

The effort will help the military determine which service members are at greatest risk and reduce their chances of adverse health effects.

Concussion Discovery Reveals Dire, Unknown Effects of Even Mild TBI

Even mild concussions cause severe and long-lasting impairments in the brain’s ability to clean itself, and this may seed it for Alzheimer’s,…

Strokes in Babies: Here’s How the Body Rushes to the Rescue

New research is shedding light on the brain’s immune defenses – and how those defenses respond to strokes that strike one in 4,000 babies.