Appointments & Online Options

You have options when it comes to getting healthcare and support.

In-Person Care

We’ve put safety measures in place so we can safely see you in person.

Don’t have a doctor? Learn about our primary care services.

Scheduled Virtual Visits

Instead of coming into the clinic for your appointment, you can talk with your provider from home using your smartphone or computer.

Not a current patient? You don't have to be an existing patient to ask a clinic for a virtual visit.  

Virtual Urgent Care

When you need to see a doctor but can’t wait for an appointment, you can see a provider online. Get access from anywhere in Virginia on your connected device with virtual urgent care

Clinic Late, No-Show, & Cancellation Policy

  • If you’re late to your clinic appointment, and we can’t fit you in, we’ll reschedule your appointment.
  • New patient? After 2 no-shows for a first appointment, we won’t reschedule you.
  • Already a patient? If you have 3 no-shows in 1 year, we may dismiss you from the clinic.
  • We treat 2 late cancellations the same as 1 no-show. 
  • We know things happen. We don't count no-shows and late cancellations that happen for reasons outside your control. 


  • No-show: Not coming to an appointment and not calling ahead to let us know you can't make it. 
  • Late cancellation: Cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice. 
Woman consulting with healthcare provider on phone

Find Out If A Virtual Visit Is Right For You

Many clinics are now offering appointments through online video and phone calls. Call your clinic for options that might work for you.

Learn About Virtual Visits