Teen Access & Consent for MyChart FAQs

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Patients age 13 and older can create their own MyChart account. Parents and legal guardians can't set up these accounts on behalf of their teens. To learn more, please review these frequently asked questions about the MyChart access teens have and how they can give access to parents or legal guardians.

UVA Health is letting teens control access to some of their medical records. Why?

UVA Health is making changes to comply with state law. A specific code (§54.1-2969) requires us to update our policies and procedures.

What’s the purpose of this law? 

This state law aims to help teens by:

  • Giving teens in crisis a safe place to get help
  • Protecting those without adult support
  • Encouraging them to ask questions and provide a complete medical history
  • Teaching them how to manage their own healthcare

What will teens now be able to do?

UVA Health’s updated policy allows minors aged 13-17 to:

  • Create their own MyChart accounts
  • Control who can see their MyChart account
  • Restrict or give access to their medical records related to four protected categories of care:
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Drug and alcohol abuse
    • Mental healthcare
    • Birth control

Why do teens need this privacy?

  • Adolescents who fear a parent's reaction to their behavior often don't tell their doctors critical information. As a result, they don't get the medical help they need.
  • This policy gives teens the chance to talk openly and honestly with a provider about these issues. Doctors can then give their teen patient counseling, advice, treatment, and support.

Are other hospitals doing this?

Yes. These policies comply with state law and are in line with other hospitals in Virginia.

How can a teen open a MyChart account?

Teens may request a MyChart account by

  • Calling the UVA MyChart Help Desk at 434.243.2500
  • Signing up during their next clinic visit

We can open MyChart accounts quickly. All we need is the teen’s consent and their email address to get started.

Can parents or legal guardians open a MyChart account on behalf of a teen?

No. Teens must open up their own accounts

Who can a teen share their MyChart records with?

Teens can grant access to any adult.

How does a teenager change parental access in MyChart?

The teen first needs to set up their own MyChart account.

They can then use the Share My Record tool to grant a parent, guardian, or any adult either:

  • A limited view, with messaging and bill pay only
  • Full access

Can we opt out?

No. We are making these changes in compliance with Virginia state law.

Unless the teen gives consent, parents and legal guardians can't:

  • View MyChart records beyond billing and messaging
  • Access printed official medical records related to care for the 4 protected categories of care (STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health care, and birth control)

Can I still get printed copies of my teen's official, legal health record?

If you are a parent or legal guardian, you can ask for medical records from Health Information Management. You'll receive everything except for items marked with an Adolescent Privacy flag. To receive these records, the teen must provide consent.

Your child's provider can flag records for care related to the 4 protected categories (STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, mental healthcare, and birth control). This keeps these items private in the official medical record, unless authorized by the teen.

Note: The flag tool only restricts the record in the legal medical record. It has no bearing on:

  • What is released to the teen’s MyChart
  • MyChart access and privacy restrictions

How can parents and legal guardians regain full access to their teen’s MyChart account?

To establish full access, the teen must either:

  • Sign the MyChart Proxy Access form (in the clinic or by mail)
  • Establish their individual MyChart account 

Once the teen has an account, they can use the Share My Record to invite others to view their full information.

If your teen chooses, they can give a parent or guardian full access to their MyChart account. They can do this:

  1. Using UVA Health MyChart: A teen may establish their own MyChart account and use the Share My Record tool to grant a parent, guardian, or other adult access to view information in their MyChart account. The Share My Record tool is in the main menu of their UVA Health MyChart Account.
  2. In Person: Your teen may request and sign a MyChart Access Request form at their next appointment.
  3. By Mail: A teen can sign and mail the MyChart Access Request Form to:

Health Information Management
1222 Jefferson Park Ave. Box 800476
Charlottesville, Va. 22901

    Who is responsible for the medical bills?

    Billing information and procedures haven't changed. In most cases, the parent or guardian is responsible for any amount due after insurance.

    How will the teen and parent/guardian be reminded of upcoming appointments?

    Text reminders, reminder calls, and appointment letters will still go to the phone and contact information listed on file.

    Parents or guardians can still call the teen's provider to ask about upcoming appointment times.

    If your teen’s next appointment is a virtual visit, call the clinic. We encourage our teen patients to set up their own MyChart accounts as soon as possible to access important upcoming visit information.

    What about reminders for when prescriptions or refills are ready?

    Just as it has been, you can pick up prescriptions for your teenage child. Prescription ready calls and texts still go to the phone and contact information listed in MyChart.

    The only change: Without full MyChart access, you can't see medication information in MyChart.

    What if my teen is developmentally delayed?

    Access to health information and consent will follow our existing process for adults who are developmentally delayed. See Proxy Access to MyChart Caregivers.

      How will this policy change affect parents and legal guardians?

      1. You will not automatically have full access to your teen’s UVA Health MyChart information. Teens can decide who sees their full UVA Health MyChart account. Instead of full access to your teen’s MyChart profile, you will only see messaging and bill pay options. To regain full access to your teen’s information, your teen must first consent to sharing that information with you.
      2. You will need your teen’s consent to access medical records related to 4 protected categories. Records related to four protected categories — care or treatment for STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, mental healthcare, and birth control — will require teen consent for release. All other records can be released at the request of parents and legal guardians.

      I have additional questions. Who can I talk to?

      For more about these changes and other changes related to teen’s health records, please contact:

      MyChart Help Desk - 434.243.2500 
      For technical questions about MyChart, such as opening a new MyChart account, resetting an account password, or help using MyChart.

      UVA Health Contact Center - 434.924.0000 or MyChart@virginia.edu

      To establish proxy access to your teen’s MyChart account.

      Health Information Management (HIM) - 434.924.5136

      For questions about establishing relationships, designating proxy, requests for records from the legal medical record, or to further explain the new policy. 

      Types of MyChart Access

        Limited Full None
      In MyChart, parent/legal guardian can see

      Messages between the parent and the provider

      Billing info

      Everything the teen can see Nothing
      Parent/legal guardian can also

      Get the explanation of benefits statement, if billed to insurance 

      See billing details

      View all medications, allergies, and problems in the after-visit summary

      Be able to pick up and call about the teen's prescriptions

      Parent/legal guardian can't see     Anything

      Limited UVA MyChart Access

      Parent/legal guardian can see: 

      • Messages between the parent and the provider
      • Billing info

      Parents may also:

      • Get the explanation of benefits statement, if billed to insurance 
      • View all medications, allergies, and problems in the after-visit summary
      • Be able to pick up and call about the teen's prescriptions

      Full UVA MyChart Access

      Parent/legal guardian can see: Everything the teen can see.

      Nothing is restricted. 

      No UVA MyChart Access

      A teen can choose to revoke all MyChart access.

      Parents/legal guardian can see: Nothing.